Vestido nudo M/ L


Reversible dress with a very simple design and a beautiful neckline at the back. The knot allows its adaptation to the chest, and is strategically placed at the height of the bra, in case you use it, so that if you want it does not show. The waist has elastic.



Reversible camisole that depends on your style and your height, it can be very beautiful as a dress or as a top with pants. The neck is closed with a bowtie, hence its name, because its design is “inspired” by the costumes of the altar boys. Comfortable and elegant design,

In the online store we will always hang unique pieces in terms of the combination of fabrics, editions made with different fabrics in each garment. The pieces that we have left are those that you can see on a mannequin, and we put photos of the same model in other fabrics so you can see how it looks.

LOULITAS is a fashion brand whose main characteristic is the multiple use of its garments or their reversibility.
The factor of durability and use of the garment is our contribution to sustainability in the textile sector, in addition to being fun and practical to have two or more garments in one. Loulitas creations are designed and made in close proximity, cut in small volume and made at a fair rate and salary, with our designs we think about the diversity of bodies and fabrics are combined with love and care. Clothes for small wardrobes full of treasures, daring spirits, people friendly towards the environment and the human being.

In the following table with the approximate intervals of measurements that we use for S, M and L.

LOULITAS measurements  table


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